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WELCOME to USF’s Center for Global Education!

The Center for Global Education is dedicated to the development of academic and immersion programs throughout the world and to the creation of an educational environment at home and abroad where students are challenged and inspired to enhance their social and intellectual awareness by exploring different cultures, lifestyles, values, and beliefs.

The Center supports the Vision, Mission, and Values of the University of providing a global perspective to educate leaders from the United States and from other countries who will fashion a more humane and just world.

USF Sponsored programs parallel the mission and goals of USF. They include programs at other leading overseas universities with which USF has partnered. Students pay USF tuition rate to USF, irrespective of specific international program costs. As a result, full course and credit transfer apply to a student's USF transcript. USF financial aid, USF grants, scholarships, as well as federal and state aid (except Federal Work Study) apply, as any regular semester at USF. Program fees and housing are paid in addition to USF's tuition. Please visit our office for program brochures, eligibility requirements, applications, course descriptions, and other program-specific information. You are required to schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor upon obtaining general program information.

To get started, please complete a Study Abroad Interest Form and view our Study Abroad Programs


Applying to study abroad is a two-step process.

You should plan to apply at the beginning of your Sophomore year.
  1. Students must meet with a study abroad adviser and complete a USF Study Abroad Pre-application for their program of choice through the Center for Global Education’s website. Pre-Applications completed by the December 1 st deadline will be reviewed and students will be notified of their nomination by the third week of January. Spring semester applicants may be on extended review until after grades from their academic year are submitted and should await notification of application status by the third week of June.
  2. Nominated students may then apply for their approved program. Students are responsible for submitting the host program’s application and required documentation by the program’s deadline. Nomination by USF does not guarantee acceptance by the host program.
*Students must have completed a minimum of 64 units, and no more than 96 units, by the start of their academic semester program abroad. Students are required to declare their major with the Office of the Registrar prior to submitting their pre-application to study abroad. The selection process is competitive and students may not be approved.  In addition, participation is dependent upon completion of all prerequisites, while maintaining satisfactory academic and disciplinary standing.*

Study abroad is an earned opportunity and not guaranteed. Students whose Pre-Application is not approved are encouraged to consider short-term programs.



The outlook of study abroad remains uncertain and we are here to support you with the decision about whether to defer.  We encourage you to take into consideration what you will do if your desired program is cancelled or if you are unable to travel to your host country due to the travel restrictions.  Many study abroad partners have cancelled, postponed, or substantially altered their academic programs due to worldwide travel restrictions.  We strongly recommend that you contact your Academic Advisors to determine courses on-campus and to enroll in those courses for the Spring 2021 or Summer 2021 in the event that you are unable to study abroad as planned. SPRING 2021 AND SUMMER 2021 COURSES OFFERED ON-LINE THROUGH YOUR INTENDED PROGRAM ABROAD ARE NOT CONSIDERED STUDY ABROAD, CREDITS ARE NOT APPROVED, AND WILL NOT TRANSFER.